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The selection of candidates will be based on:

  • in examining the documentation submitted by the candidate;

  • in the curriculum evaluation according to quantitative criteria defined by the Selection and Scholarships Committee, which will take into account the coefficient of performance (GPA), academic production, and the candidate's experience;

  • in assessing the ability to read and understand a technical text in the English language, through the Portuguese language version;


Additionally, for the doctoral candidate:

  • in evaluating the research project and work plan;

  • in assessing the ability to read and understand a technical text in another foreign language (French or Spanish – up to the qualifying exam).


The final grade of each candidate will be established by the average of the rates of the curriculum evaluation. At the end of the selection process, a candidate who has obtained an average equal to or greater than 7 (seven) and a suitable mention in the English language test will be considered APPROVED. The candidate may be approved but not selected.

Only successful candidates will be ranked in descending order of their final grades.



The Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering (PPG-EQ/UERJ) annually provides Scholarships for students who pass the Selection Process. The number of Scholarships will be informed in due course, at the beginning of the school term, according to the offer of the funding agencies (CNPq, CAPES, FAPERJ). Additionally, the Program's professors develop research projects with companies that may also offer scholarships.

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Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering

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