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Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering (PPG-EQ/UERJ)

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Programa de

Pós-graduação em

Engenharia Química


The UERJ Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering (PPG-EQ/UERJ), at the master's and doctoral level, has the general objective of promoting the scientific improvement of graduates and masters in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and other related areas, aiming at the training of highly qualified teachers, researchers, and professionals, with academic excellence, critical capacity and social vision capable of developing scientific and technological activities in the field of Chemical Engineering.

The primary mission of the Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering at UERJ (PPG-EQ/UERJ) is to train masters and doctors with solid theoretical knowledge, develop critical thinking and innovative capacity who can identify problems and point out targeted solutions for the scientific and technological development of the country.

The PPG-EQ/UERJ has one concentration area: "Chemical Processes, Petroleum, and Environment." Research carried out within the scope of the PPG-EQ/UERJ is not limited to just one thematic area of ​​Chemical Engineering, involving research in almost all of its main fields. Despite the breadth of this scope, the cohesion of the Program is guaranteed by a large number of joint guidelines, including those involving professors from different lines of research. For this reason, a single concentration area was chosen since the creation of the Program.

This area of concentration unfolds into four lines of research:

- Catalytic Processes

- Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering;

- Bioprocesses and Chemical Technology

- New Materials

These lines of research represent the primary nuclei of Chemical Engineering and encompass the various research projects under development at the PPG-EQ/UERJ.

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